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Looking for appointment plugins for WordPress websites? Now, you don’t have to look any further, WordPress and we have got you covered for that. The best WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins are here. WordPress booking plugins help businesses to streamline workflow and altogether customer satisfaction. 

Neither business nor customers like to have endless, fruitless calls for services. Having online appointment scheduling forms or booking calendars on your website for your customers is necessary not only to make it easier and organized for you but for your customers as well. Whether you provide professional services like photography, architects, designers, business coaching, tax consultants or it is an educational website, beauty, or other services. The right appointment plugin eliminates the chance of losing your customers to faulty. 

Hence the need for WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins!

Best WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins

Before diving deep into the list of WordPress booking plugins, let’s see what exactly is an appointment plugin and what makes any schedule plugins the best WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins. 

Appointment Plugin is a set of codes to add to your WordPress website, that allows you to accept and schedule appointments from your customers. If there is less potential for your customers to book appointments with you, your business might not grow. Because ads, content, and website do quite little to grow your website. 

Furthermore, to know what makes the best scheduling plugin, you need to look out for a few features that make it worth your notice or best for you to select is:

  • It should be able to adjust, reschedule, and manage the overall schedule.
  • The ability for their customers to self-service and book their appointment themselves.
  • It should be able to have mobile responsive booking and calendar synchronization
  • It should be able to give email and SMS text notifications
  • It should offer a customer profile management feature, that makes it easier for both parties to see particular customer bookings, cancellations, and more.
  • The plugin should have integrated online payments.

And many more features, but these are some to keep in mind before choosing the plugin.

1. Booking Ultra Pro

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Booking Ultra Pro is first in our WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins. You can organize and manage your schedule better with this plugin. First of all, the plugin allows customers to book appointments directly from the website giving them a seamless experience. It provides users with the 4-steps booking process. Moreover, it offers a great suite of features that will help you to manage online appointments 24/7, whether you’re formal or informal institutions. 

Booking Ultra Pro is a clean, minimal theme that provides customers with a functional maintained environment to complete their bookings. It is superior because it is easy to use, customizable, gives staff their own profile feature, staff backend, and a variety of add-ons. It also provides full technical support, self-service bookings, automated invoices & billing, and so much more. It is the solution for all categories.

Key Features of Booking Ultra Pro:

  • PayPal Integration
  • Client Online Appointment
  • Reschedule Appointments
  • Custom Fields
  • Customizable Emails
  • Time Slots & Padding Time
  • Admin Calendar
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Multiple Appointment Forms
  • Group Bookings
  • MailChimp
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2. Bookly

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Bookly is another best WordPress appointment scheduling plugin, it allows accepting online bookings on your website and automating the reservation system. It is designed to grow online sales and make booking easy. The plugin has both free and paid versions, the paid one is Bookly Pro pay one time and enjoy the benefits (unless you want to pay consistently for customer support). Besides, the free version is the basic booking tool, it doesn’t provide online payment or other features. So, unless you are a startup WordPress business, Bookly Pro is the best for you. 

Bookly is a modern-looking plugin, that comes with a sleek design (both backend and frontend). You can customize booking forms without any code and it is perfectly responsive for all devices. It is ideal for beginners and advanced professionals with its so many features, functionalities, and add-ons. 

Key Features of Bookly Plugin:

  • Customizable look & feel of the booking form
  • Responsive Booking Form
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Automatic/manual booking approval
  • Automatic E-mail Notification & Built-in SMS System
  • Zoom & Google Meet integration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Dozens of Paid-Addons, and much more.
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3. Simply Schedule Appointments


Simply Schedule Appointments (SSA), as the name suggests is to schedule appointments in as many types as you want. It is a WordPress schedule plugin loved by 10,000+ businesses, to schedule any type of appointment easily and fast. With an unlimited number of appointments, appointment types on every plan, and users, SSA is ideal for anyone who wants fine-tuned customization for their schedule. 

This WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin has all the main features you need without extra settings. It has generous features in the free version, you can customize notification emails, unlimited appointment types, scheduling options, and widget styles. However, for more benefits, and if you have growth in mind then go for suitable paid versions, it comes with more benefits and integrations. The plugin offers responsive and customized booking calendars that work efficiently on every device. 

Whether to book remote teaching classes, schedule client meetings, event bookings, patient bookings to any service bookings. Simply Schedule Appointments offers an excellent experience to your customers who needs to book appointments. 

Key Features of Simply Schedule Appointments:

  • Customizable Email and SMS Notifications
  • Deeply Integrated with WordPress
  • Accept Payments via PayPal and Stripe
  • Conversion & Goal Tracking
  • 5-Minute Setup Wizard
  • Integration with popular page builders:
    Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Multiple bookings in the same time slot, and more
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4. Appointment Hour Booking

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin that creates booking forms for appointments with a start time and defined duration. The end-users select the start time from the set of start times, depending on open hours and service duration. On other hand, duration is defined based on the service selected by customers. In each calendar, multiple services, durations, pricing can be allocated. 

The plugin can be used for different cases from medical services booking, personal training sessions, to reserving language classes, or other types of services/resources booking. In short, it is applicable where start times are selected and the availability is automatically managed based on the defined service duration to avoid double-booking. It comes with a bundle of main features and additional benefits/features in commercial versions.

Appointment Hour Booking has a free basic version that is fully functional for accepting appointments and can be downloaded from WordPress. However, for addons, payment integrations, and much more features that can maximize your business growth, it comes with premium versions. The premium plugin(s) can be downloaded through their website. 

Key Features of Appointment Hour Booking:

  • Easy visual configuration of calendar data
  • Each calendar can have multiple services defined
  • Customizable email notifications 
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Visual form builder
  • Calendar available in 53+ languages
  • Blocks for Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Form validation and built-in anti-spam captcha protection
  • Manual and automatic CSV reports
  • Integrated Addons with external services: Zoom, reCaptcha, MailChimp, SalesForce, WooCommerce, and others
  • Payment Gateway Integration – PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, and more
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5. Start Booking

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Start Booking has made online scheduling easy. It is a powerful scheduling software for WordPress. You can easily download and install the plugin on your WordPress site. It is the best WordPress Appointment scheduling Plugin for scaling & growing businesses, i.e., small businesses. However, it doesn’t indicate that it is not applicable for other businesses/individuals, because it is suitable for anyone who wants to operate and scale without managing code. It offers a clean-custom interface that allows customers to choose from a pre-defined list of services with available times and dates. 

The plugin offers you a collection of features that are expected from a traditional WordPress appointment plugin, they are worry and maintenance-free. Start Booking is not a traditional plugin but more than that, it is a platform that has a streamlined interface with many useful features. Along with powerful integrations like Google, Zoom, Mailchimp, and more, to make your business successful. You can with guided quick simple steps set up the plugin in your WordPress website and start booking. Start Booking offers a 14-days trial period to help you decide if it is the one for your WordPress website. 

Key Features of Start Booking:

  • Group appointment bookings
  • Custom fields for booking forms
  • Create customer accounts
  • Send SMS notifications, customer emails
  • Configure global working hours
  • Online Payments (with Stripe Integration)
  • Powerful Integrations: WordPress, Mailchimp, Google Analytics & Calendar, etc.
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6. Amelia 


Amelia is a simple yet powerful WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin. It is a perfect event booking specialist that gives your business a professional and trustworthy feel with its modern design, latest technology stacks, and user experience techniques. The WordPress plugin fully automates the interaction with potential customers, take care of payments, and provides real-time SMS reminders both for customers & employee for booked, canceled or rescheduled appointments. You can focus on your work instead of getting bookings done.

It is perfect for law consultants, spa and beauty salons, gym & sports, private clinics, and repair centers. You also get frontend and backend demo for the same. All the elements of the plugin were designed to be perfectly responsive for every devices.

Key Features of Amelia Plugin:

  • Automated Email & SMS Notifications
  • Schedule Recurring Appointments
  • Custom Service Schedule
  • WooCommerce, Google Meet, Zoom Integration
  • Google Calendar Synchronization
  • Outlook Calendar Synchronization
  • Insightful Dashboard and Reporting
  • Manage multiple employees and locations
  • Individual/Group Appointment Bookings
  • Paypal, Strip , Mollie Payments Support
  • Customizable Design, and more. 
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7. Booking Calendar

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Booking Calendar is the ultimate and oldest WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin. It has a clean and smooth interface with easy to use booking system that shows availability and receives bookings for your services. The core plugin is free and comes with most of the benefits for an average small business. However, for larger business plans, you can upgrade to its premium versions for extra features. 

It comes with multiple features, primary features include automated email notifications for when users schedule or need reminders. Along with that, it has the unique ability to set a timeframe open for a certain number of days. This way you can accept multiple double bookings and turn it off to decide who you should accept into the timeframe. It can be used by thousands of users who need to book services, for e.g., resource scheduling, meeting/client scheduling, events, or any other services. It is built to work out of the box, however, it allows you to configure different settings that best fit your business workflow. You can also customize the form and calendar to fit your site design. 

Key Features of Booking Calendar Plugin:

  • Responsive Front-End Design
  • Intuitive and Powerful Admin Panel
  • Independent Booking Calendars
  • Customizable Form and Calendar
  • Email Templates
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Multiple Bookings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports syncing with third-party sites like Google Calendar,  Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and Booking.com, and so much more.
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8. Easy Appointments 


Easy Appointment is just that – easy! It is a simple and quick way to add an appointment system to your WordPress site. The plugin supports multiple locations, workers, services, and has flexible time management so that you can create an advanced setup of appointment options. It has a single or two-column responsive bootstrap layout for appointment forms. Further, the plugin also allows customizing booking forms by adding custom form fields. 

You can customize email notifications for booking confirmation, cancellation, or status. Plus, there’s built-in reporting to help you keep track of stats and form conversions. It is a free plugin, however, if you are an upscale business and want to have Google Calendar, WooCommerce, PayPal integration, and more, then you’ll have to buy an extension package. 

Key Features of Easy Appointments:

  • Create unlimited front-end booking forms
  • Add custom fields to booking forms
  • Add flexible time tables to control availability
  • Send customizable email notifications 
  • Twilio SMS notifications (paid)
  • Two-way sync with Google Calendar
  • WooCommerce, iCalendar and PayPal integration
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9. Booknetic

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Booknetic is one of the best and premium WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin that allows customization and automation of online bookings. It enables full automation of customer interaction, enhances workflow, and offers customers and employees instant updates on scheduled appointments. Furthermore, it guarantees smooth business operation with 24/7 customer support, which saves time and costs. In terms of appearance, the plugin has a modern UI/UX separate backend admin dashboard. Besides, its modern and user-friendly UI/UX enables you to customize booking widgets. 

Booknetic has a comprehensive list of features that helps users install easily and configure appointment bookings at their own will. With its powerful integrations like Zoom, PayPal, Google Calendar (2way sync) you can completely automate the appointment process and unified business operations. Moreover, you can now be prepared for each appointment with customization features like form builders and multiple templates. It is suitable for gyms/sports, medical, beauty, repair centers, education, consultations, and personal services.  

Key Features of Booknetic:

  • Responsive and Customizable Design
  • Multiple Templates
  • Form Builder
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Group Appointment
  • Manageable Calendar
  • Zoom, WooCommerce Integration
  • PayPal, Stripe & Local Payment System
  • SMS, Email, WhatsApp Notifications
  • Invoice
  • Multi-level Categories
  • Export & Import Data, and much more
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10. Webba Booking

WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin

Webba Booking is yet another powerful and easy-to-use WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugin. It is built keeping in mind the thought of service providers to optimize their time and comfort for their customers. The plugin is developed and designed to be as simple as possible yet provide endless options. It is a perfect fit for specialist booking, beauty & wellness services, restaurants, medical, education, transport, and other services. For anyone who is in need of a scheduling system or appointments, Webba Booking is suitable for them. 

Further, the plugin offers multiple features possibilities to make your and customers’ booking process smoother and time-effective. It is a responsive plugin that also comes with 80+ booking appearance customization options. You get both free and pro versions for this plugin, with extra benefits in the premium version.

Key Features of Webba Booking:

  • Full appearance customization
  • Export to CSV
  • Chain booking

  • E-mail and SMS notifications and reminders

  • 2-ways sync Google Calendar

  • Online Payments via PayPal, Stripe, and more payment gateways
  • Fully translatable and multilingual (WPML compatibility) plugin
  • Unlimited custom fields with CF7 integration
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Group services by categories, and much more.
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Wrap Up

So this was our best WordPress Appointment Scheduling Plugins! These booking plugins will make sure that your customers can effectively book or schedule your service. Along with that, it will make your work easier then it was before. 

They all have the basic features needed to be the best Appointment Plugin For WordPress. However, if you’re one curious personality and want to look out for more WordPress Schedule Plugins, then you can check it in WordPress.org > Plugins.

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