10 Best Form Builder Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Are you deciding on which Form Builder Plugin to use on your WordPress website? If yes, then this is the article for you. In this article we have the list of 10 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins that can be your ideal choice!

Form Builder Plugins are designed and developed with the intention to make your website creation and use journey a success. It allows you with tons of features and options to create beautiful forms on your website. Usually, many of the themes come with a form builder integration.

However, the use and need of the Form Builder plugins may differ from one user to another. In this case, it is necessary that you select the best one for your website!

Forms, being an important element for a website, comes with the inbuilt builder on most WordPress templates. These plugins come with different designs and customization and configuration options to create engaging forms in no time without using any codes.

Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Forms are one of the most essential elements of any website. It can be used for multiple purposes such as building email subscribers, promoting your products, growing your audience and many more. 

Additionally, a well-designed form can become a perfect getaway between the audience and the webmasters for establishing communication between them.

A user can find hundreds of Form Builder plugins on the web to select from. But, not having a proper idea about which can be a perfect suit can be a problem.

Not to worry, in this article we have come up with the 10 most popular and useful Form Builder Plugins that have been used by thousands of users to create beautiful forms on their website. These plugins are well tested and contain great features and functionality to add stylish yet engaging forms easily and quickly on your WordPress website. Let’s have a look!

1. Tatsu Form Builder

Tatsu - Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Tatsu is an immersive form builder plugin that provides visual editing experience from header to footer. The plugin has 50+ modules for rapid and beautiful website building. The modules will help you build a beautiful form within few seconds and provide more power over the site. It provides responsive controls, provides keyboard shortcuts and undo-redo feature. You can save the templates or download them to use across the site. The plugins come with the integration of our themes Oshine, Exponent and Spyro. However, you can also buy it separately and make the full use of it.

Tatsu Form Builder has custom margins, interactive columns, rearrange sections, elegant UI, infinite layouts, retina support and much more to look out on. One can design and build beautiful forms with the use of 700+ inbuilt designer icons. With the drag and drop functionality, you can create form faster and add it on your site immediately. It contains all the main functionality including widgets and pre-built templates.

Some of the Great Features of Tatsu Form Builder:

  • Custom Margins
  • Interactive Columns
  • Module Options
  • Rearrange Sections
  • Elegant UI
  • Infinite Layouts
  • Retina Support
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Handy Inbuilt Menus
  • Section Separators
  • 700+ Inbuilt Designer Icons
  • Fully Visual Header Builder
  • Endless Header Possibilities
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Custom Padding and Margin Values
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2. WPForms

WPForms - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

WPForms is one of the most popular Form Builder plugins. It is used by 5,000,000+ professionals to build smarter forms and surveys. You can create various forms such as contact, payment, survey, newsletter, registration and many more. It has over 100 pre-built templates to be used. It is an easy-to-use powerful form builder plugin with user-friendly features. It allows you to build an amazing form in just a few minutes with drag and drop features. One can start with pre-built templates to save even more time. It is a responsive and mobile friendly plugin that creates beautiful form on any device.

The plugins are very easy to use and create a smart workflow. You don’t have to start from scratch unless you want to. It has all the features from radio button to file uploads to multi-page forms and all.  The plugin allows you to customize your WordPress forms with section dividers, HTML blocks and custom CSS.

Some of the Great Features of WPForms:

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Form Templates
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Instant Notifications
  • Entry Management
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • File Uploads
  • User Registration
  • Spam Protection
  • 30+ Addons
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3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Gravity Forms are the powerful data capture fueled by the plugin. It is one of the most powerful solutions for building custom forms and flows to connect with your users and expand your reach. It is a plugin designed and developed for WordPress. It provides the option to create custom web forms to capture leads, collect payments, automage your workflows and build your business online. It comes with Visual Form Editor, Online payment collection and much more.

The plugin has all the tools you need to build professional forms online. It is the WordPress form management plugins you will ever need. Easily draw your audience in with plenty of ways to make your form look amazing.

Some of the Great Features of Gravity Forms:

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Accessible and Compliant
  • Form Import
  • Multi-Column Layouts
  • Save and Continue Paginated Forms
  • Responsive Forms
  • WordPress Multi site compatible
  • Language Support
  • Custom Form CSS
  • 30+ Form Fields
  • Conditional Logic
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4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Ninja Forms is the ultimate WordPress Drag and Drop Form builder plugin with 0ver 20,000,000 downloads! It is a simplified, beautiful and user-friendly WordPress form that makes you feel like a professional web developer. It is a beginner friendly person that allows you to design beautiful and complex forms without touching a single line of code. With the features and functionality of the plugins, you can create forms that will blend beautifully with your WordPress website.

With Ninja Forms, you can start building beautiful WordPress forms in minutes. The best part about the plugin is you can use it for free and move on with the use of the premium features as per the need. In Case you’re having difficulty building a perfect form for your website, there are 100s of prebuilt templates that can be used as the starting point.

Some of the Great Features of Ninja Forms:

  • Beautiful, User-Friendly WordPress Forms
  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Accept Payments and Donations
  • Complete Integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and much more
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5. Typeform

Typeform - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Typeform is a better way to ask. The form builder plugin allows you to create beautiful forms and make everyone happy. You can get started with the plugin for free. One can create forms, surveys and quizzes that people enjoy answering using this plugin. It asks one question at a time – like a conversation that keeps your audience engaged. You can get more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates by creating forms using Typeform.

The plugin has built-in photo and video libraries to give life to your forms. Custom layouts and themes show your brand at its best. Simply pick a template or start fresh and build a simple form in minutes with no coding knowledge necessary and share it by embedding it into your website or launching in an email.

Some Great Features of Typeform:

  • Powerful and Responsive Forms
  • Built-In Photo and Video Libraries
  • Conditional Logic Integrations
  • 100+ Templates
  • No Coding Knowledge
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Shareable Reports
  • Integrations that Banish Busywork
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6. ARForms

WordPress ARForms Plugin

ARForms is a premium WordPress form builder plugin for building the finest responsive WordPress forms within minutes. It comes with 12 ready-made forms templates and 40+ form sample that can be imported for free of cost. Moreover, the plugin also contains 29 form elements that can be added for creating attractive forms on your WordPress website.

It is an ultimate plugin that comes with the inbuilt popup form settings to display attractive popup banners for your WordPress website. Moreover, you can also add a navigation menu to your popup form for providing a smoother user experience for your visitors.

Some of the Great Features of ARForms:

  • 12 Different Ready Made Form Templates
  • 40+ Form Samples Available
  • 29 Forms Elements for Building Forms
  • Material, Rounded and Standard Style Forms
  • Striking Color Scheme
  • Built-in Popup Form
  • Custom Images for Radio and Checkbox
  • Enhanced Conditional Logic
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7. eForm

eform - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

eForm is a premium form builder plugin for WordPress website with tons of powerful features. It is a complete form management plugin for creating forms for surveys, data collections, payments, cost estimations and many more. The plugin comes with drag and drop form builder for easily creating and managing the forms directly from your admin dashboard.

It is a robust and comprehensive WordPress plugin that comes with a perfect combination of styles and functionalities. The plugin is packed with over 38 material inspired forms templates for choosing the best looking form design for your WordPress website. Moreover, you can also set the conditional logic on the submit button of the form to make your form more secure.

Some of the Great Features of eForm:

  • 38+ Material Inspired Templates
  • Add Unlimited Number of Forms
  • Custom URL Submission Features
  • Popup Forms with Custom Dialog Buttons
  • Pricing Table Form Table
  • Categorizable Form with Filtering Options
  • Conditional Logic on Submit Button
  • Automatic Score for Feedback Elements
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8. FormCraft

formcraft - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

FormCraft is a complete and flexible form builder plugin for creating unlimited forms on your WordPress website. It is powered by easy to use drag and drop functionality and will allow you to build form easily and quickly in a few clicks without using any codes. Moreover, the plugin supports WYSIWYG editor that makes the form configuration easier than ever.

It is an ultimate plugin that comes with dozens of free add-ons for improving the functionality and performance of the plugin. Besides, the plugin also supports analytics to track the usage of your forms. Also, the plugin comes with different trigger options to display your elegantly built form in a responsive popup.

Some of the Great Features of FormCraft:

  • 8+ Beautifully Designed Form Templates
  • In-built Popup Forms
  • Compatible with Dozens of Free Add-ons
  • Option to Save Form Progress
  • Responsive and Scalable
  • Inbuilt Popup Triggers
  • Conditional Logic and Math Formulas
  • Field Insights
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9. Quform

Quform - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Quform is an advanced form builder WordPress plugin for building fully functional forms quickly and easily with full control. It comes with easy to use drag and drop configuration to create forms without using any codes. Moreover, the forms created by the plugin are fully responsive and works well on all types of viewing devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.

It is a simple WordPress plugin that contains 11 pre-built form templates to choose the best one for your WordPress website. Besides, the plugin also consists of 19 form element type that can be added elegantly to your WordPress forms. Also, there are 3 Captcha options: honeypot, image and recaptcha form keeping your form safe and secure from spammers.

Some of the Great Features of Quform:

  • 11 Inbuilt Form Templates
  • 19 Form Element Types
  • Live Preview while Building Forms
  • 12 QTip2 Tooltips Included
  • 6 Filters for Stripping Unwanted Submitted Data
  • 15 Validators Required Specific Data from Users
  • 3 Different Captcha Options to Keep Form Secure from Spam
  • Color Picker to Customize Form Color
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10. Ultimate Form Builder Pro

Ultimate Form Builder Pro - Best Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Form Builder Pro is a premium WordPress plugin for creating unlimited responsive forms (single step or multi-step). It consists of 10 pre-designed form templates. So, you can either choose any of the available templates or choose the default one. Also, you can fetch the preview of your form before adding them on your WordPress website.

It is an easy to use WordPress form builder plugin that allows you to create any types of forms (contact form, opt-in, call to action, survey, etc) using drag and drop process. Moreover, you can add make all your forms super secure with the help of different captcha options.

Some of the Great Features of Ultimate Form Builder Pro:

  • Create Unlimited Number of Forms
  • 10 Beautifully Designed Form Templates
  • Single Step or Multi-Step Forms
  • Custom Form Elements
  • Supports Multi-Column Layouts
  • Option to View Form Preview
  • AJAX Form Submissions
  • Various Captcha Options
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Wrapping Up

These are the collection of the best WordPress form builder plugins. They contain different features and functionality to add engaging forms on your WordPress website. So, if you want to add forms on your WordPress website then, you can use any of the mentioned above plugin at a reasonable cost.

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