5 Must Have Plugins for Coaching Website in 2023

Do you own a coaching website or any other education website? With WordPress, you can do much! WordPress offers a wide range of plugins, to begin with. But, how do you decide which particular to use? Here, we have the list of 5 must have plugins for coaching website. These plugins are specific in helping you create online questionnaires, quizzes, and surveys on your coaching website with ease. 

Before we get right into the list, let us first understand why a coaching website requires a plugin!

Why does a coaching website need a quiz and survey plugin?

It is no lie when I say that plugins are the cherry on top of the pie, a pie can taste good without a cherry, but a cherry completes it. Similarly, your coaching website cannot have a plugin and still function, but you need a plugin to complete it. 

A plugin is the software addon added to a website to add or enhance the existing feature on the website. They ensure that your website has the features and functionality necessary to keep it responsive and up-to-date. 

You can hardly find a website that doesn’t use a plugin. They are the backbone of our website. We use plugins for security, SEO, marketing, and other purposes. It makes website use and functionality simple and easy. 

One of the most important aspects of a coaching website is to engage your audience and approach them to join your coaching center. And a quiz and survey plugin is one of the best ways to engage your visitors and gain useful information that can help you market your website accordingly, gaining potential learners. 

Additionally, online coaching businesses need quiz and survey plugins to perform tests and examinations. You can add quizzes and questionnaires. 

And there’s the perfect plugin to do it. 

Here we have the top 5 must-have plugins for a coaching website. You can view the plugins in detail and decide which to use on your website. 

5 Must Have Plugins for Coaching Website

All the plugins mentioned in the list are worth trying out. We’ve researched the need for a coaching website and developed the best solution as a plugin to add enhanced additional features to your website. 

Be sure to read the article further to find the best one for your website. 

1. Quiz and Survey Master


Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) is the #1 WordPress quiz and survey plugin. It offers beautiful features and functionality to help you easily create beautiful responsive quizzes, exams, and questionnaires on your website. The plugin is used and trusted by 40,000+ users to create quizzes and surveys on their website. 

QSM is a multipurpose plugin that helps you create multiple types of quizzes and informative questionnaires and even add exams for your coaching website. It is simple to use and comes with detailed documentation and active support. The plugin intends to keep the visitors to your website busy with fun questions. 

We recommend using the plugin not only for the coaching websites but all other websites to generate informative information that can improve the business aspects. 

On a coaching website, the plugin helps you create an exam forum and a quiz form; The plugin offers various question types such as multiple choice, true and false, open answer question, drop down, different reasons, fill in the blank, number, captcha, polar, and accept. You can create an influential exam segment for your students online with QSM.


2. WPForms


WPForms is the most used plugin to create any form on a WordPress website. The plugin allows you to complete and create a beautiful exam questionnaire on the website. It has lovely addons adding rich features and functionalities to perform on your website. All you need to do is install the addon and make use. 

It functions by helping you create a visually appealing and responsive survey. However, compared to QSM, WPForms can be costly because these addons will cost you a few dollars. 

However, it ensures to help you gain many visitors, and with the online examination forms, your students can experience smooth performance and give their exams with ease. 

The plugin is easy to use with multiple functions and customization. You can quickly build forms with drag and drop functionality. 


3. Formidable Forms


Formidable is an all-in-one WordPress form plugin allowing you to create a wide range of surveys and quizzes on your coaching website. It offers surveys and quizzes, helping you create impactful question forms to add to your coaching website. 

You can easily create a test with simple yet powerful drag and drop functionality within a few minutes. The plugin offers a flexible interface with many pre-built templates to select from. Or you also have the option to build your website from scratch. 

Formidable forms also allow you to see all the quizzes and questionnaires you’ve created from the dashboard. With the plugin, you can add many with various question formats.


4. Opinion Stage


Opinion Stage helps you create quizzes and surveys that get a better results. This results in your online coaching website landing with many audiences. The plugin is simple, allowing you to create a quiz quickly. It helps you create engaging content appealing to the audience on the website. 

For a coaching website, it results in adding questions with fun interaction to keep the environment fun and engaging. 100,000+ customers have trusted it across 190 countries. The plugin delivers phenomenal performance. 

You can use it to create as many questionnaires as required on your website. It has easy-to-use steps and an interactive support forum and documentation. 

Engage the audience, generate leads and emails, gather feedback, research, and gather the aspect to improve your online coaching business. Its advantages are n two different ways: performing an online examination and adding quizzes and survey to engage the audience.


5. eForm


eForm is a premium WordPress quiz, survey, poll, and form plugin with a complete list of pre-built layouts to help you easily create any type. The plugin has a form-building tool that can be used to create a form with easy drag and drop. 

The plugin allows you to view, track, analyze, and act on the data using the forms. It is heavy on the security. eForms has interactive forms with the option of social sharing. You also get to integrate Google analytics. 

It offers multiple addons with a single click. The plugin has been used by 13,500+ businesses to create interactive quizzes and surveys. You can use the plugin on your


Wrapping Up

Here, we’ve come to the end of our listing of 5 Must-Have Plugins for Coaching website. Here, we listed 5 different questionnaire form plugins that you can use to perform an online examination on your website and the quiz and surveys. 

Among all these, QSM is our top recommendation for the features and functionality it offers on your coaching website. 

Which, according to you, is the best plugin? Are there any top plugins we are missing out on? Do let us know. 

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