Top 5 Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online in 2021

Are you in search of ways to outperform your business competitors online? In this article, we have discussed 5 Advanced Tactics to Outperform your competitors online in 2021 that will take your business to new heights and increase sales.

Running an online business is really tough and not easy as it seems. You have to carefully work on performing it better and never inadvertently take any steps that will put the years of hard work at risk.

SEO is important but other factors matter too. SEO has rapidly changed as Google and other search engines rapidly change how things should work and set newer restrictions by also improving their algorithms.

An SEO Strategy that was working a few years back may not work today as it is now harder to rank webpages having low-quality content and relatively easy to rank pages with high-quality engaging content targeted for a larger audience. But, there are many factors to keep in mind to make your online business successful.

To make your work a lot easier, we have listed some of the best tactics used by various renowned businesses to knock their competitors and improve sales. You can use them too and outperform your competitors.

Before moving on to those tactics we will first shed some light on why you might be at the backfoot when other businesses are profiting.

Factors that may be causing your business to go down

One thing to keep in mind is that not every day you will see the sales skyrocketing. It depends on many factors that cause your business to run low.

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.

– Steve Jobs

Some of these factors might be influencing your business from the very start and be rooted in your business ethics. It is very important to address these factors before moving to taking on your competitor.

Some of the factors influencing your business

1. Believing you can do all by yourself

You should note that you single handily cannot run the whole of your business. If these are the early initial days and your business is young you need to start planning on the future path your business to take. And, bring along some of the professionals that will help you out in decision making and collectively improving the business.

2. Failure to adequately price your products or service

Your product should be at the best price. It should be tempting for the visitors to buy your product/service that will make their lives easier. It can be the cheapest or it can be the best but it can’t be both otherwise it would fail.

3. Inadequate Management

As your business grows you need to go beyond management skills and resources. You need to fill vacant positions to accommodate someone news that will be able to manage your growing business. Decide on the skills needed to handle this position and that the individual has them.

4. Failure to understand your market and your customers

You need to be clear on who will are your customers and how you are going to reach them. You also need to find out how loyal are your customers and learn more about their requirements and their feedback on your services. You can run surveys on your website and get collect crucial customer info for better future planning.

Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online

#1 Improve User Experience

Top 5 Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online in 2021 - Improve User Experience

The first thing that users notice after coming to your website is the appearance. You need to invest time and effort in perfecting the User Experience (UX). You also need to have a good team of Creative and Passionate Individuals, SEO Specialists, Web Developers, UX Designers, etc.

You need to make sure the navigation within your website is easy and less complex. The theme you choose is responsive and adapts itself and the components according to the screen size the user is viewing on.

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Have a perfect combination of colors and typography which is unique to your website. Brand Exponents has Oshine and Exponent Theme that are equally compelling and of High Quality that will be a perfect match for your online business.

Oshine Creative WordPress Theme and Exponent Modern WordPress Theme both come with a Powerful Tatsu Web Page Builder so that you spend less time customizing your site and more on improving sales.

Having a Perfect Creative Theme will not only improve sales but also significantly reduce the bounce rate. Hence, having a Good Quality Theme matters and is the number one factor to outperform your competitor.

#2 Focus on Mobile and Tablet Devices

Top 5 Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online in 2021 - Mobile Devices

Gone are those days when building a website by keeping computer devices in-general used to work. Now you need to focus on improving the experience of smaller devices.

Sales of smartphones and tablet devices are skyrocketing this clearly indicates the direction in which the world is progressing. You too need to think and work on bringing the best services for mobile users by building mobile apps and responsive web design to your website.

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”

– Babe Ruth

According to a recent study, 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices and this indeed a logical step if you start focusing on smaller devices and slowly flexing your business to the masses.

Google too has made its stand clear by introducing mobile-first indexing and this has become a game-changer for various small businesses who took immediate steps and implemented it first.

#3 Mobilize your site with voice search

Top 5 Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online in 2021 - Voice Search

You need to consider to equip your site with a voice search facility. It is predicted that 50% of the searches in the future will be on voice. So, to avoid being left behind you should start working on building this feature as soon as possible.

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The main motive behind using voice search is to get quick responses. You need to construct queries consisting of long-tail keywords as voice searches are more conversational and descriptive. Keep in mind that a decent number of users make use of screen readers and prefer to communicate via. voice.

“The first one gets the oyster, the second gets the shell.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Along with making your website voice ready, you also need to improve the page load speeds and remove any possible delay. As people’s attention span is declining you should not make them wait. Websites with page load speeds of less than 2-3 seconds should be your aim otherwise expect less user traffic.

#4 Content is Still King

Top 5 Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online in 2021 - Content is King

Yes, the old saying is applicable still today. The one who’s able to write appealing easy to read high-quality content will dominate the search and can rank your website higher in the search results.

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

– Lee Odden

If you are planning to go all out and want to spread the word about your business you need to have a well-thought strategy in-order to attract and engage maximum users across social media and other professional platforms.

According to the recent algorithm restrictions, only that piece of content that is unique and of high quality will find its place higher on the SERPs. Meaning you need to focus on generating user-friendly unique content and keep the users engaged by writing brand stories and blog posts.

#5 Videos Work like Magic

Top 5 Tactics to Outperform your Competitors Online in 2021 - Videos are Magic

Yes, the amount of interest videos generate is more when compared to images and texts. Adding Videos to your website will prove beneficial in grabbing the user’s attention and convey the messages clearly.

According to a recent study, almost 50% of users watch at least an hour of video content a day. Google knows this better and this can be seen with the rise of YouTube Content.

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You won’t be surprised to know that after Google, YouTube is the second-largest searched website on the internet. So, if you build a strong marketing strategy you will definitely see a rise in engagement and visitor traffic.

This is a simple and a straight forward method of dominating the SERPs.

Bonus Tip

In order to get quick engagement and instant visitor traffic do not indulge in unfair practices. You may have heard that this worked for someone that doesn’t mean will work for you too. If caught google may prevent your site from ranking and can even penalize you for using its services.

Rather go for generating Organic Traffic by writing keyword-rich content by using any of the SEO tools to start with. You can even invest in advertising and bringing paid traffic initially until your website starts getting organic traffic.


These were some of the Top Tactics that you must use to Outperform your Competitors Online and that you should use them too to Grow your online business in 2021 and beyond.

To make your website look beautiful you need to choose the perfect theme that suits your niche and enhances the visual appearance. Brand Exponents has a unique collection of themes that you must check out and build a High-Quality Responsive Website.


How to Find a Creative WordPress Theme That Actually Works?

Are you actively looking for a Creative WordPress Theme? Finding an excellent WordPress theme that actually works is a toilsome task as the internet is filled with attractive WordPress Themes having crazy animations, tons of customizations, and charming user interfaces which are enough to grab eyeballs.

Given so many options, you are definitely going to sit and start scratching your head and eventually end up taking a wrong decision that can put the future of your business at risk.

In this article, I have discussed how to find the perfect theme that will suit your needs and why you should prefer purchasing a premium multipurpose theme over a free theme that is dumped on the internet for anyone to use. Also, I have shared two of my recommendations, these are ‘tried and tested’ creative themes used by thousands of users on their websites.

In this article, we have discussed the following points:

Current Scenario of WordPress Themes Market

Since its launch in 2003 WordPress steadily gained some popularity and currently, it is the world’s most popular and widely used Content Management System that powers 39.3% of all the websites on the internet.

Having such a following means WordPress is really useful in publishing content and building websites. As WordPress doesn’t require the user to code for everything, they are served with plugins and themes to add the required functionality and beautify their websites.

WordPress has 8013 themes for users to download on its official themes repository but keeping in mind the global userbase this number feels inadequate and won’t suffice the user requirement.

To bridge this gap, third-party themes are used by most users who are looking for something different and unique for their website. Popular Themes market such as ThemeForest’s Envato Market, Creative Market has thousands of Creative Premium Themes for every WordPress website.

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Why you should prefer buying a Premium WordPress Theme over Free Theme?

As discussed above WordPress has a serious shortage of Good Quality Themes that can actually work for good. To bridge this gap many individual developers and agencies have built their own themes with the aim of selling them to the website owners.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Milton Friedman

You will find many free amazing themes on the internet that look cool and comes with flashy animations that look ready to use just like a ready to eat hot pancake served with lots of butter and maple syrup!

These free themes are built with the sole motive of publicizing the agency/developer behind its development.

This may not be something to worry about but if you are putting extra efforts and time by adding quality content and media on your website which came with an empty theme and if at the end the credits are given to the theme’s developer and not you who is the real owner, this will be of no use.

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Some of the Disadvantages of using Free Themes

  • You are not the real owner of the theme, hence you won’t be able to gather the user’s trust
  • You will have limited access to the theme and cannot fully control it
  • If you end up breaking the theme you will have to figure out the solution on your own by googling stuff
  • Your website will be prone to cyber attacks as you are unaware of the theme’s ability to bear and prevent such attacks
  • At some point in time, when you do not receive an update you will find that your theme cannot cope up with the technological advancements and you will be bombarded with errors from clashes between the theme and other plugins

Finding a Creative WordPress Theme

To find the perfect theme for your WordPress website you first need to note down some of the key requirements keeping in mind the future scope of your business.

Following are the do’s and don’ts that will be helpful in finding the right theme for your business.

  • Make a list of features you think your website needs, For example, Website layout in grid and columns, custom background, custom menu, custom logo, custom colors, etc. Do not use unnecessary ones that will clutter your theme and make it slow.
  • Do not choose a bloated theme that is full of crazy features like fancy music players, gaming capabilities, that will scare the visitors and may never return.
  • Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme that adjusts itself to various screen sizes and is easy to navigate.
  • Choose the perfect color scheme for your website that is easily recognizable and differentiates you from others
  • Buy a Premium Creative WordPress Theme that is unique, easily customizable, and future-ready. You will find our recommendation in the coming part of this article.
  • Make sure the theme you choose has the perfect font combination that doesn’t disturb the visual appearance and can be read clearly.
  • Purchase/Download the theme only from known sources like ThemeForest and

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Premium Creative WordPress Theme That We Recommend

Oshine – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

How to Find a Creative WordPress Theme That Actually Works - Oshine

Oshine Creative WordPress Theme is one of the best selling WordPress themes of all time. It has recorded 30000+ Sales on ThemeForest and serves various niches including Portfolio, Photography, Agency, Blog, Architecture, Business/Shop, Freelancer, etc.

Oshine Theme has High-Quality Design and comes with an Intuitive Fully Visual Page Builder just like the popular Elementor. Oshine Theme has 52+ Awesome Pre-Built Demos that can be installed on your website with a single click.

With Oshine you can fully own and control the theme and its components to build Amazing Single Page websites with unique Header and Menu Styles. It also comes with Colorhub and Typehub support for better typography control.

Oshine offers Superior Performance and guarantees regular product updates with new features and bug fixes. It has been tested with many popular plugins for easy compatibility and works well with all major browsers.

Learn More about Oshine Theme | Purchase Oshine Theme

Exponent – Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

Exponent - How to Find a Creative WordPress Theme That Actually Works

Exponent is a Modern Business Theme, that lets you build high-quality websites for business and professional purposes. It has a collection of 27+ Stunning Pre-Built Demos for Agency, Apps, Business, Professional, Shop, etc.

It also comes bundled with the Tatsu Page Builder that has drag and drop components for easy page building. Create hundreds of Unique Layouts using unique elements, and layout blocks.

It is Best for E-commerce Stores that can be powered by WooCommerce to sell products online and grow your business. Place the products using variable grid layouts and a fixed panel layout for product styles.

Exponent comes equipped with GDPR Tools allowing a Cookie Notice Bar and Consent Checkboxes. It can load pages extremely fast all thanks to the rich coding skills and latest technologies used in the backend.

Exponent Theme has also been tested with many popular plugins for compatibility and comes with guaranteed regular product updates and bug fixes so that your business doesn’t suffer.

Learn More about Exponent Theme | Purchase Exponent Theme

Final Thoughts

This is how you find the perfect theme for your business website that will actually perform and bring visitors to your site.

The above-recommended themes like Oshine and Exponent are multilingual ready and WPML Compatible for reaching a diverse audience.

If you are looking to engage visitors on your site and decrease the bounce rate then you must definitely check out the Quiz and Survey Master plugin which is free to download from the Official WordPress Plugin Repository.

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