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Most novice eCommerce business owners are overwhelmed with the thousands of choices while selecting the WordPress theme. There are millions of themes available in the market. However, choosing the right theme is tricky. So, how do you choose a WordPress theme for business?

Cool! If you’re looking for a practical step-by-step guide to choose the best theme, you’ll love this article.

Here, you’ll learn about how to choose a WordPress theme for your business without being overwhelmed. After reading this entire article, I assure you that you’ll find a few best online store themes, where to buy them, and how to install them in detail.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Theme For Your Online Store

In this mobile and desktop era, people hang out on websites and social media. So, it tells us how important it is to have a website for business. Do you know 90% of your potential customers leave the website if it has a poor layout, slow loading speed, and unattractive design?

The sad truth is they never come back to your site again. So, choosing the right theme with an attractive layout and high speed with high-end optimization is very much important. Moreover, 61% of the customers tend to buy from attractive mobile-friendly websites that reflect the brand.

Whether you’re a novice business owner or an expert, choosing the right theme makes sales effortless, enhances brand awareness, and builds trust within no time. If you’re confused about choosing the right theme for your business, here’s the comprehensive guide.

Top 5 Recommended WooCommerce Themes

To make your theme selection process effortless and quick, here’re expert theme recommendations. Upon hours of research and testing, we’ve come up with a few reliable WooCommerce themes that you shouldn’t miss out on. All these themes offer premium features and exclusive value that increase business growth.


How To Pick A WordPress Theme That’s Right For Your Store - Exponent

Exponent is one of the top picks from experts due to its high-end layout, style, and visual interface. Whether you’re a novice or an export eCommerce owner, the Exponent is an ideal choice at an affordable price.

The theme has over 26,000 customers and is recognized as the best-selling theme ever. The regular updates, fast performance, 24/7 support, hassle-free set-up process, and hundreds of Adobe fonts are a few features of the Exponent theme.

The best part of the theme is its multi-lingual compatibility and comprehensive online store package. Get the premium designs at an affordable price with Exponent. If you’re looking for the best theme with top-notch features, Exponent is your choice.

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How To Pick A WordPress Theme That’s Right For Your Store - Divi

Divi is one of the famous and well-known themes. The highly responsive design and attractive layout are the outstanding features of the theme. It’s easier to customize, add background images, text editing, code editing, etc.

It’s one of the affordable choices for all users, from beginners to professionals. Moreover, Divi is easier to handle, even for technical-illiterate guys.

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Oshine wordpress theme banner


How To Pick A WordPress Theme That’s Right For Your Store - Shoppe

The Shoppe is one of the multi-purpose woocommerce themes that makes your eCommerce ready in a few moments. The theme’s best features include image zooming, gallery sliders, layout flexibility, product sharing options, and wish list options. The highly responsive design is another highlight of the theme.

The Shoppe theme includes 11 plugins and 25-page builder addons. If you’re looking for a premium theme with multiple page builders and plugins support, Shoppe is your choice. It even has a three months free trial. So, don’t forget to add Shoppe to your theme list.

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How To Pick A WordPress Theme Thats Right For Your Store Ultra

Ultra is another best theme choice for newbies. The best feature of the Ultra theme is it comes with a ready-to-use WooCommerce website with demo content. All you need to do is add content, products, and category pages.

A few best features of the Ultra theme include pre-designed layouts, addons, sectional scrolling options. It’s a simple eCommerce theme with no-nonsense options.

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How To Pick A WordPress Theme For Your Online Store

As discussed earlier, choosing the right theme from thousands of choices isn’t a piece of cake. So, to make the selection process hassle-free, consider a few factors of the theme. Then, filter the best one that’s best for your business.

Here’re a few factors to consider to filter out the best theme.

Look For Simple And Clean Design 

WordPress themes come with many colors, animations, layout, vivid images, designs, blah, blah, blah. Most of the time, you don’t need them. The primary goal of a website’s design is to help customers find what they want. So, make sure to maintain the website simple and clean without any over animations and designs.

Using a great theme without helping the customers find what they want is of no use. It neither increases sales nor conversions. So, choose a simple theme with an eye-catching layout. Also, make sure to check the font size, color combos, and design. Choose the theme that helps in easy navigation of your customers.

Responsive Themes Are Best Choice 

You might’ve come across responsive themes numerous times. Usually, the responsive theme adjusts the website layout across various screens like mobiles, desktops, and other devices. Over 61% of the customers make purchases using mobile phones. So, choosing a mobile-friendly theme is highly beneficial to drive traffic and make sales.

The good news is most of the WordPress themes are highly responsive and work well across various screens. You can even check the mobile-friendly test using tools like Google’s mobile-friendly test. Some of the responsive WordPress themes include Divi, Exponent, Riode, Goya, Shoptimizer, etc.

Browser Compatibility 

Chrome is not the only browser that drives traffic to your website. There’re various popular browsers like Yahoo, Bing, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Though some of the themes are perfect in google chrome, they fail to be responsive in other browsers.

So, choose the theme that’s compatible with all browsers. The developers mention everything on their website. Read them carefully and filter out the ideal theme for your business. Moreover, don’t miss out on checking the theme’s response in mobiles.

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Good Theme Supports Various Plugins 

Plugins play a major role in the smooth functioning of the website. Though almost all themes support must-have plugins, there’re a few themes that don’t support plugins that you need the most. If you aren’t sure about the plugin compatibility of the theme, always ask the developers first hand.

Some of the most important plugins include Rank Math, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, etc. If you’re a novice business owner, themes like Exponent, Shoptimizer, and Divi are the best choice. These themes support all plugins that make your business hassle-free.

Page Builders 

Page Builders makes the page layouts eye-popping. In general, these are the plugins that come with the drag and drop features to make the page attractive. Popular WordPress themes like Exponent, Goya, Shoptimizer, etc., come with pre-installed page builders.

You can create landing pages or product pages using page builders that increase conversion rates and sales. However, if the website themes don’t come with the pre-installed page builders, you should purchase them separately.

24/7 Support

Customer care support is one of the major features to consider before buying the theme. However, if you’re using free themes, the major drawback is they don’t have high-end support. If you mess up the theme, it’s your responsibility to figure it out.

Unlike free themes, the premium WordPress themes ensure guaranteed support anytime. While choosing the theme, know whether the theme has good support options or not. If you find poor customer care support, it’s better to switch the theme.


Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO plays a vital role in increasing traffic, product sales, and conversions. Hence, it’s crucial to check for the SEO compatibility of the theme. But how do you test SEO-friendliness? Check whether the theme generates precise HTML5 codes or not.

If it fails to produce proper code, then it’s time to look for another theme. The poor HTML codes make it difficult for search engines to index your website. As a result, you end up with poor sales and traffic.

You can check it using the W3C Markup Validation tool. Remember, sometimes, it generates too many unnecessary warnings.

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Check Theme Ratings & Reviews

Check the ratings and reviews of the theme from present users. This gives you a whole lot of ideas about the theme loopholes and highlights. Most of the WordPress themes get high positive ratings. However, if you find poor ratings, carefully read them to understand the basic challenges of the theme.

These are the few basic things to consider. These factors mentioned above build a strong, robust website foundation. However, they’re also a few advanced factors to consider before buying any woocommerce themes.


Advanced Factors To Consider 

Apart from mobile-friendliness, rating, reviews, customer care support, there are many other things to consider. These include hassle-free checkout features, breadcrumbs, social sharing tools, email opt-in form integrations, interactive shopping cart, etc.

In this section, you’ll dwell more on the specified theme features that increase website visibility and sales.

  • Well-Designed Shopping Cart And Checkout 

The WooCommerce themes incorporate basic cart and checkout features. But to make it more attractive and effective, you should dwell on the code. Yet, not all online store owners can do this.

To make the process easier, select the theme that has pre-designed interactive checkout and shopping cart options. Moreover, the well-built checkout process prevents cart abandonment that affects sales.

  • Interactive Product Pages 

Product pages are the foundational palace to take decisions and increase conversions. So, the pleasant and clean product page layout is highly significant. Make sure the theme provides jaw-dropping image quality, videos, and support downloads. Also, select themes that support zooming, navigation, and other variations.

The precise pricing, product description, clean formats, and font size affect the buying decision. So, the theme with classic and clean product pages is an ideal choice for any online store.

  • BreadCrumbs 

Breadcrumbs are one of the best features that enhance the customer’s journey on the website. Though most themes don’t include breadcrumbs, it’s an excellent feature to consider.

The step-by-step navigation enhances customer interaction with the website. Also, it’s one of the best ways to attract customers and build trust.

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  • Product Reviews 

Product reviews play a vital role in eCommerce stores. Almost 90% of the visitors leave the product page without reviews and ratings. Place the review section in the gallery, thumbnails, and the obvious location of the blog.

Once it’s placed in the proper position, it’s time to get loads of ratings and reviews. Choosing the WooCommerce theme with flexible product reviews feature is an added advantage. So, choose a suitable theme based on the product review feature too.

  • Email Optin Forms Integration 

Do you want to grow the list of repeated customers? If yes, choosing the theme with email opt-in forms is the best choice. It makes collecting customer’s information effortless. Adding email opt-in forms on your blog page is one of the easiest ways to scale business and grow email lists.

However, there are multiple email opt-in plugins and tools available in the WordPress stores. But choosing the theme with pre-built email opt-in forms eliminates plugins and thus, contributes to a clean website.

  • Social Platform Tools Integration 

The theme is that pre-built social sharing tools work well and ensure an interactive design. The social sharing buttons increase business reach and visibility. Usually, social sharing tools involve two factors: sharing and follow buttons.

The social follow buttons are for your brand so that people can easily follow, interact, and engage with you on social platforms. Social sharing buttons are added to every category page and product page to share them via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.


Conclusive Thoughts

These are the things to consider to filter out the best theme for your business. Consider the customer reviews, ratings, mobile-friendliness, browser compatibility, product page layouts, checkout features, and other theme options.

Then, compare, analyze, and buy a suitable theme.  So, don’t forget to consider these features during the theme selection process. If you’re a novice business owner looking for premium designs, 24/7 support, and high-end website management, the Exponents choose.

With over 26,000 users, it’s recognized as the best theme. So, don’t forget to add the Exponent theme to your theme list to scale your business.

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