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Have you decided to start an online store and hunt for the best theme for Woocommerce? Choosing the suitable WooCommerce theme from thousands of templates isn’t a piece of cake. So, how do you pick up an ideal theme to crush your competition? 

It’s simple! You can choose a suitable Online Shop Theme by comparing and analyzing the characteristics of the theme. If you’d like to start the WooCommerce store, here’s the perfect theme selection guide. I’m sure after you read the complete article, you’ll find the answers to all your queries regarding theme selection.

Do you want to know some of the premium WooCommerce themes? If yes, here it is. 

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Expert’s Online Shop Theme Choice To Build Premium E-Commerce Stores

The eye-catching and pleasant website layout engages the visitors and increases conversions. Considering the immense pros of attractive and responsive website designs, the WooCommerce owners invest a colossal budget on premium themes. However, here’s a list of premium WooCommerce themes that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

1. Exponent

Online Shop Theme

Unlike many other themes, Exponent is a full-fledged online store offering immense WooCommerce facilities by default. You enjoy high-quality customer care support, fast website performance, hassle-free setup process, flexibility, and attractive product page designs.

Whether you’re a professional eCommerce business owner or freelancer, the Exponent is worth your money. It’s one of the best professional and multipurpose themes that offers numerous gradients, color palettes, layouts, and topography.

2. Divi

How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Online Shop - Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular all-in-one purpose themes. The abundant customization options and tools make them more flexible and easy to use. One of the best parts of the theme is that even a non-technical guy can handle and manage the theme effortlessly.

The attractive layouts, pre-built layouts, drag, and drop features, and many more premium features make the store responsive, attractive and increase user experience. Divi is one of the best investments of your business to yield long-lasting profits.


3. Goya

How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Online Shop Goya Theme

Goya is one of the best stylish themes that are available in WordPress. You find two live demos of the theme: one is to sell fashionable apparel and the other for home decor products. The cool and eye-popping layout beholds the visitors and increases conversions.

The theme has unique features, including carousel zoom, video pop-ups, and multiple layouts. The several layouts enhance you to choose the best layout based on your store. In a nutshell, Goya is a simple and stylish theme that offers a distraction-free customer journey.


4. Shoptimizer

How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Online Shop Shoptimizer Theme

To increase the conversions and website speed, the CommerceGurus has built the best theme, Shoptimizer. As its name suggests, it’s one of the best optimization themes for speed, mobile, and SEO. Moreover, it’s also one of the efficient themes converting visitors to customers to repeated customers.

If you’re looking for a theme with top-notch dual functionality of speed optimization and increasing conversions, the Shoptimizer is an ideal choice. Some of the theme’s best features include a distraction-free checkout process, trust badges, eye-catching CTAs, and exclusive notifications features.


5. Jayla

How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Online Shop Jayla Theme

Jayla is one of the cool and simple WooCommerce themes and best for novice online store owners. The pleasant design and soothing customer journey are some of the major attractions of the theme. Like many other eCommerce themes, Jayla also offers innumerable customization options.

Moreover, it’s easier to create custom header and footer layouts using this theme. If you’re searching for the jazzy WooCommerce store, don’t miss out on this theme.


6. eLab

How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Online Shop - eLab Theme

If you’re selling electronics, the eLab is the best choice. Whether you’re selling televisions, cameras, smartphones, or other electronic gadgets, the eLab provides a professional aesthetic. One of the best features of this theme is it offers multiple optimization features. So, it’s time for some creativity to add a dash of fun to your WooCommerce website.

As eLab is exclusively for WooCommerce stores, it has several WooCommerce extensions and in-built plugins. Avail of the hassle-free eCommerce setup with the eLab theme.


7. Flatsome

How To Choose The Best Theme For Your Online Shop -Flatsome Theme

If you’d like to enhance the user experience on your eCommerce site, Flatsome is an ideal choice. As the Flatsome theme is based on the blend of multiple plugins, you get numerous customization options with various designs.

The Flatsome is the best choice for those who’d like to expand the online store to enjoy huge sales and conversions. In a nutshell, it’s a highly optimizable theme at your fingertips.


Choose Perfect Online Shop Theme For Your Online Store

Choosing an attractive website layout plays a vital role in engaging visitors. Do you know about 38% of visitors leave the website if its layout is unattractive and sober? So, it’s vital to select a user-friendly website theme to establish the most successful online stores. 

To select the theme for your online stores, select the eCommerce themes. These eCommerce themes have pre-built online store functionalities and deliver the best customer experience. For novice businesses, e-commerce website templates are an economical option. While selecting the theme, make sure to consider the following features. 

Features of a Good Online Shop Theme

  • The best WordPress shop theme should consist of responsive design, quick loading time, in-built SEO, mobile optimization, page builders, etc. In this section, you’ll find some of the features of a good eCommerce theme.

Clean and responsive design

  • Do you know it only takes 0.05 seconds for customers to form an impression on your site? Choosing a clean and responsive website design plays a vital role in conversions and sales. Based on your e-commerce store, select the theme layouts, design, and brand colors. 

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  • Make sure you use an image-focused template that soothes and compels customers to buy products. Some examples of best website themes include Divi, Goya, TheGem, Riode, Kalium, Marketo, eLab, Shopkeeper, Exponent, Jayla, etc. These are a few themes to establish the most successful woocommerce stores. 


  • Almost 50% of the web traffic comes from mobiles. So, it’s essential to check whether the WordPress online shop theme is mobile-friendly or not. To check the mobile-friendly feature, go to the theme’s live demo on iOS or Android. 
  • If you find the theme clean and neat on mobile without any interruptions, it’s considered mobile-friendly. The Exponent theme is the best example of mobile-friendly themes. The clean and highly responsive designs attract the users within a few milliseconds. 

Regular updates and customer care support

  • Every day, you’ll find numerous scams and bots attacking the website technologies. To outperform the competition and get rid of spam, updating the website functionalities is the only choice. So, choose the theme that offers regular updates every two to three months. 
  • Before selecting the best theme for an online shop, choose the theme that has been updated within six months. It’s even recommended to choose the website with the best customer care support. 
  • To know this, check out the theme forums and read the queries and answers of the theme users and developers. By seeing this, you get an idea about developers’ response time and customer assistance. 

Page builders

  • Usually, the online stores incorporate thousands of products. So, look for page builder themes that provide drag and drop features. Using this feature eases the maintenance of the website.

Flexibility and ease of use

  • If you’re a novice business owner, it’s vital to consider the theme’s ease of use. If the theme is hard to use, it’s not an ideal choice for you, even if it offers an abundance of services. Choose the theme that you can customize even without the code. 
  • However, if you’re a developer and tech-savvy guy, you can use various themes that require expertise.

Speed optimization

  • The website is likely to lose 90% of the visitors if it loads over 3 seconds. It signifies how important it is to consider the website’s speed. While buying the theme, check the theme’s speed using tools such as Page speed insights or GTMetrix. 

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  • Paste the URL of the demo website, and you get the complete reports on website speed. If the theme loads for over 5 to 6 seconds, it’s better to consider another theme


  • Affordability also plays a vital role while selecting good online stores, especially for novice business owners. If you’ve just started your business, choose the best WooCommerce theme at a limited price. However, later you can either upgrade or customize it. One of the best affordable eCommerce themes is Exponent and comes at an affordable price. 
  • These are the few things to consider before choosing the best theme for an online shop.


  • In the earlier sections, you’ve found insightful information on choosing the best WordPress online shop theme and a list of few themes. So, consider the few features of the theme, such as speed, mobile optimization, responsive design, flexibility, affordability, customer care support, and regular theme updates, before buying.
  • However, if you’re a novice eCommerce owner, then Exponent is the best option as it provides ultimate services at an affordable price. Create professional blogs with top-notch assistance from the developers.