v1.0.5 (16 March 2022)
* Fixed: WPForms Pro compatibility for country code field
* Added: Custom text, color and background color of success message in newsletter
* Fixed: Newsletter form submission

* Fixed: Spyro Forms input type select and checkbox name attributes
* Fixed: Spyro Forms exclude country in country drop down field
* Fixed: Spyro Forms Button Set checkbox value not saving
* Fixed: Spyro Forms required field handling for checkbox

* Fixed: Plugin update checker url
* Added: Spyro Forms reCAPTCHA v3 and v2
* Added: Spyro Forms Autoresponder Email
* Added: Reply-To, Bcc, Cc added in Spyro Forms email notification 
* Added: Customize message in Spyro Forms email notification

* Fixed: Spyro tabs module icon 
* Fixed: BE Recent Posts

* Fixed: Spyro modules css dependency

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