v3.2.8 (22 February 2022)
* Added : Content Marquee module
* Added: Option to add Custom URL to the Navigation Module
* Added: Recent Posts Hide Thumbnail control
* Added: Recent Posts Show/Hide Social Icons control
* Added: Recent Posts Show/Hide Tags control
* Fixed: Gallery Hover color not working.=
* Fixed: PHP error notice
* Fixed: Font Awesome and Tatsu Icons

* Fixed : Plugin update checker url
* Fixed : Portfolio details category alignment

Fixed: Missing text translation and updated pot file
Fixed: Portfolio grid double width function 
Fixed: Gif images in gallery

* Fixed: Portfolio width double when checked
* Fixed: Services module alignment
* Fixed: Instagram access token doc link in tatsu
* Fixed: Title text display on images slider
* Fixed: g+ sharer removed from blog and portfolio
* Fixed: Instagram images count 
* Fixed: Page and oshine gallery freeze on import V1 demo 
* Fixed: Portfolio Carousel navigation
* Added: Portfolio Carousel number of column control
* Added: Portfolio Carousel slide show control
* Added: Portfolio Carousel slide show speed control
* Fixed: Php8 warnings
* Fixed: Refresh Instagram access token
* Added: Important social icons in Team Module

* Fixed: layout change on add custom css classes in tabs
* Fixed: Show meta tags in portfolio
* Fixed: Flickr in gallery 
* Fixed: Instagram in gallery
* Fixed: Fixed height animation for mobile
* Fixed: Justified gallery infinite scroll
* Fixed: Session in flex slider
* Fixed: Consent checkbox in contact form
* Fixed: Gallery load more function

* Fixed: mobile responsive BE slider
* Fixed: dual carousel slider

* Fixed: tatsu-freeze
* Fixed: images in posts 

* fixed-gallery-insta-issue
* fixed-issue-not-found-images
* fixed-twitter-share-url
* url-changed

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