Business Website

If you’re thinking about starting your own Business Website and you are wondering How to create a website for my business? Then, it’s important to choose the right web platform to host your business website.

Not only do you want the site to look good, but you want it to be able to grow with your business as well. For most businesses, this means choosing between creating a WordPress Website or using an off-the-shelf theme for their website platform of choice.

Let’s discuss how to decide between WordPress and custom web development so that you can launch your new business website without any regrets!

8 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Business Website Template

There are plenty of websites that offer Business Website templates, so before you decide on one, it’s important to consider a few key factors. Otherwise, you may end up with a site that doesn’t support your brand or speak to your audience. Here are five things to think about when choosing a website template: 


The Purpose of the Site

Purpose of Website

Before you begin looking at themes, decide why you’re building a site. Is it a portfolio? A Business Website? An e-commerce store? Once you figure out your purpose, all other decisions will fall into place. Are you trying to sell services or products online? If so, is it best to create an e-commerce platform like Shopify or Woocommerce? Maybe that’s not what your company needs and simply providing services is best on a WordPress site. Think through these questions first.

Business Services


A theme can give your customers an idea of what services you offer before they even click on your Business Website. Many themes are broken down into categories, like marketing, business tools, and social media. What services does your business provide? Do you sell products, provide business services online or give advice? Are there legal issues involved? These are all questions that should determine which kind of Business Website template you select.

Business Goals

3 Business Goals

What kind of Business Website should you build? When deciding on a theme, it’s critical that you focus on your business goals. Here are some key questions to ask yourself: 


  • What do I want my site to do? 
  • How do I want my clients to experience my brand online? 
  • Is SEO important to me and my business growth strategy? 


A clear understanding of your business goals will help guide you in making an informed decision about which WordPress theme is right for you.

Competition Analysis

4 Competition analysis

Before you select a theme, be sure you’ve done some serious research on your competition. What are their Business Websites like? What types of themes are they using? How do those themes affect their conversion rates? Most businesses can answer these questions pretty easily with a simple Google search, but if not then it might be time to reach out and contact them directly.

Visitors’ Expectations


When it comes to choosing a theme, you need to consider what visitors expect. You want your Business Website design and functionality to mirror that of your competitors. This means it should have similar aesthetics, a logical layout and be easy to navigate. If you only have a general idea of who your potential customers will be, choose a more general theme that can cater to different demographics and personalities. Once your business is up and running, consider customizing certain elements once you know more specifically who your customers are and what their interests are.

Branding Your Business

6 Branding

The Layout of your homepage is very important when it comes to branding, it can make or break your sales. It has been proven that people tend to do more research online when they are in a hurry and impatient, so don’t bore them with loads of information on your homepage – keep it concise and easy to understand. Also, don’t try cramming too much information on one page – we know you want every single one of your customers to read every word you write, but in reality, they won’t; they will scan and read which means you should be able to convey a message through a single glance!


Cost and Licensing Concerns

7 Cost and Licensing

If you’re going to develop a custom-designed website, it’s important to find out how much it will cost. There are no set prices—what you pay will depend on what features and services your website needs. Many companies offer different packages that cover various aspects of design; ask about these before proceeding so you can be sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Also, make sure that any necessary licensing fees are included in your package; otherwise, they could end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars more down the line.


Ease of Use/Maintenance


Given that you’re running a business, it is important that your website is easy to use, update and maintain. A good WordPress theme should be able to help you with choosing a simple, user-friendly pre-built theme that doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill level and saves you time. Also, make sure that there are support forums available in case you run into problems setting up your site!


Once you follow the above-mentioned tips, your journey of finding the best suitable WordPress themes for your business website would get easier.

We know, it could get confusing at times to shortlist a suitable theme for your website. We have taken the honour to get it done for you and we have created a list of Best Modern Business WordPress Themes