Do you want to scale up your business this year? And you are thinking of starting it with upping your website game? Because it’s time to stop thinking and start working. Today starting up any business or improving it means building or upgrading your website. So, these Best Webflow Business Templates can help you to strengthen your business. 

Businesses today are all about their online presence, no one will know about a particular business if they are not digital in today’s time. Even local, small businesses are becoming digitalized and it is helping them to grow nationwide and in many cases worldwide. The Internet has reached every corner of the world and digitalized businesses are growing in the market. In such instances, voicing out your brand in an exceptional way is very important but at the same time being relatable and efficient to your customers is also necessary. 

Hence, a website that helps you achieve that, is what our motto will be with this article!

Best Webflow Business Templates 

Business is a very wide term, any and every type of activity that includes transactions of some sort is business. Therefore, in this article, you will find webflow business templates that are suitable for many types of business websites. You can despite the template orientation choose any of them that you think will work for you! Further, you can easily customize them your way because all of them are easily customizable and highly responsive for every device. 

So, let’s get into it!

1. Toptech 

Toptech - Webflow Business Templates

Toptech is one of the best Webflow Business Templates that are suitable for almost every modern tech brand. This template is designed in such a way that both International businesses can use it for emerging startups. Moreover, this template offers retina-ready images, robust designs and functionalities, enriched features, and many more majestic experiences.

Its responsive design will make your website look amazing across all devices which will engage customers for a longer period of time. Its SEO friendly nature will help you to rank at the top of different search engines. 


  • Includes Invoice Template System
  • Compatible with All Major Web Browsers
  • Amazing Security
  • Provides Frequent New Updates
  • Easy Navigation
  • Responsive Design
  • Option to Customize Visual Interface Too
  • Outstanding Ratings
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2. Archo

Archo - IT Company Website Templates

Archo is one of the most popular Webflow Business Templates that enables its users to build attractive and minimalistic business websites in no time.  Moreover, it has a strong focus on usability, typography, and overall user experience. This template is created with easy edit-ability in mind, meaning everything was built on Webflow using global fonts, colors, & more. You can easily customize it to match your company brand.

As this Webflow Template uses Webflow CMS, you can easily add or edit blog posts, update projects, & more using the Webflow editor. Its template is built using the latest Webflow features and functionalities. Its responsive template will make your website look amazing across devices of all sizes. 

Major Features of Archo: 

  • Competent Design
  • Clean Code
  • Fully Responsive Template
  • 100% Customizable
  • CSS Grid
  • Supports Background Video
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Web Fonts
  • Fully SEO Optimized
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3. FinBiz

FinBiz - IT Company Website Templates

FinBiz is a fantastic modern Webflow Business template designed and built to fulfill the needs of all the upcoming finance, business, consultants, and startups. It provides plenty of customization options that will help you get started quickly. The template is created by keeping performance, flexibility, and conversion in mind.

The layout is clean and easy to navigate, so your visitors can find what they are looking for, and the color scheme is subtle and professional so that it will instill trust in your visitors. This template will make sure to showcase your entire business in the most professional and complete way possible that will help you build an everlasting client base impression. 

Major Features of FinBiz:

  • Seamless Animation
  • 404 Page
  • Beautiful Forms
  • Google Font
  • Responsible Slider
  • Media Lightbox
  • Webflow CMS
  • Speed Optimized
  • Premium Designs
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4. Bizz 

Bizz Webflow Template

Bizz is one of the most amazing Webflow Business templates that is suitable for every kind of business. This template has all the necessary components to increase the overall performance and the components to enhance your business your way. The template will enable its users to showcase its online presence with world-class visual design and enterprise-quality development. The customization option is amazing due to its built-in best practices. 

You can design a simple yet powerful website that provides utmost precision and attention to detail that will engage your customers, clients, and visitors for a longer period of time with a short bounce rate. This template is fresh, classic, and minimalistic in nature that will help you to give outstanding look to your brand’s website. Its responsive nature will make your website look perfect and functional across all devices.

Major Features of Bizz: 

  • Seamless Interaction
  • Upto Date and Updated
  • Amazingly Responsive
  • 100% Customizable
  • Perfect SEO Optimization
  • Unique Design
  • Elegant Image and Text Display
  • Reusable Elements 
  • Responsive Navigation
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5. RocketUp 

Rocketup Webflow Template

RocketUp is one of the best Webflow Business templates that is suitable for every kind of user. It includes plage elements like privacy, spam protection, eCommerce hosting, SiteLock, and pricing. The template is designed well to fit perfectly across devices of all sizes. It has been designed using clean code that accelerates the performance on the basis of speed. It is clean, simple minimal, and focuses completely on all the right aspects.

The template has included pre-built pages for About Us, Careers, Privacy Policy, Clients, and Testimonials sections. It includes all the necessary elements to share significant information with visitors. You can tailor the template to fit your brand, website, and business needs using a lightweight and completely customizable design.

Major Features of RocketUp: 

  • Pre-built Pages
  • Offers Appealing Testimonials
  • Google’s Web Font Collection
  • Clean and Intuitive Design
  • Fully Customizable
  • SEO Friendly
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Touch-Friendly Slider
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6. Guardian 

Guardian - Best Webflow Business Templates

Guardian is an amazing Webflow business template designed and developed to provide information and sources related to your website. Use any font from Google’s web font collection. Using this theme you can display images and texts elegantly and systematically on every device with the touch-friendly slider.

Due to its simple nature and advanced customization feature, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The template offers features such as cases, blogs, and case studies. You can select from various elements to design and customize your law website. It offers a clean and intuitive design that will make your website look professional, complete, and amazing across devices of all shapes and sizes. 

Major Features of Guardian: 

  • High-quality codes
  • Blazing fast loading speed 
  • Amazing testimonials
  • Professional expertise
  • Clean and responsive design
  • Provides amazing pre-built templates
  • SEO friendly
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7. Innovate 

Innovate - Best Webflow Business Templates

Innovate is one of the most professional premium Webflow templates designed for professionals and beginners. Also, it is designed for investors to create a robust investment platform. Due to its features and functionality, it is trusted by 56000+ users. It is designed so that it grabs the minimality to showcase every element in an elegant way.

This template offers different elements on the homepage that will help you stand out from your competitors. It offers a beautiful, clean, minimal design that is pleasant to the eye. Using this template, you can showcase elements beautifully with less hassle. Innovate template has everything from an app idea to an investment plan that implements ideas to give your platform reach. 

Major Features of Innovate: 

  • Background videos 
  • Media lightbox
  • Site navigation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Easy customization
  • Beautiful blog page
  • Minimal design
  • Investment plan
  • Showcase elements 
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8. Consultex 

Consultex - IT Company Website Templates

Consultex is one of the best Webflow business templates. It is perfectly designed and developed to create a lasting online presence. This theme provides its users with a dynamic homepage, about us, service, blog, and contact page to create an engaging and evolving website experience. It has what we call a pleasure-to-eyes design.

Its flexibility lets you easily modify and personalize the content and appearance of your law website without requiring extensive technical knowledge. You can publish elements like Q&A with consulting experts, the best scholarships available, training courses description, and more.

Major Features of Consultex: 

  • Amazing Google’s web font collection
  • Custom design for 404 page
  • Responsive layout
  • Requires no coding knowledge
  • Touch-friendly slider
  • Reusable elements
  • Beautiful forms
  • Provides background video options
  • Media lightbox
  • Responsive navigation
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9. Shopverse


Shopverse is a Retail Webflow Business Template. As the term indicates, it is crafted with modern e-commerce shoppers in mind. As the online shopping business is increasing it has become fairly important to elevate your website and make it unique yet gives the feel of an e-commerce website. Shopverse template is here to change your notion about a typical online shopping website. The template comes with a high-quality design and sheer power to make it a perfect online marketplace that sells products with a great user experience. 

It comes with 3 pre-made demo pages of the home, contact us, products, and blog. Along with this, it also has other pages ( Blog CMS, About, Product CMS), and template pages. Furthermore, you’ll find the template with pretty animations that build the personality of website. It is a responsive design that is easy to customize and has CMS support. 

Major Features of Shopverse:

  • Animations
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to Customize
  • Multiple Pages Layouts
  • CMS & E-commerce
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Retina Ready
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10. Fold 


Fold is a multi-concept Webflow Business Template for businesses and creatives out there. The template comes with a white/dark style design. Along with the neon color palette that makes the overall website unique & memorable. It has clean, modern, and multi-purpose designs that can be adaptable and used for any website layout. Like others, this template is also responsive made and has ultra-high resolution graphics, retina ready. You don’t need any inspiration or to start from scratch, as it comes with one beautifully designed landing page. 

Major Features of Fold:

  • 50+ Ready Blocks
  • CMS Support (Blog Posts & Category Templates)
  • E-commerce
  • Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready,
  • Ultra-High Resolution Graphics
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11. The Village 


The Village is a Real Estate Website Template. This template is the complete solution for all real estate businesses who want to build a stunning website. It has all the pages and elements such as contact forms, property listings, team members, and much more! that any real estate business and visitors would want on the website. The Village is a responsive design template, which makes it an exceptional experience on all screen devices. You get the complete package of 20 pages and 43 sections. The design and overall theme of this webflow business template is very eye-pleasing and give a luxurious vibe. Making it a perfect fit to be a real estate website template. 

Major Features of The Village:

  • Easy to Customize
  • Background Video
  • Animations
  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS Grid
  • Custom 404
  • 3D Transforms
  • Retina Ready
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12. Landscaper X


Landscaper X is Agriculture Webflow Business Templates that is perfect for your landscaping or garden architecture design. Whenever you think of architecture, garden designing might be your last thought. Anyway, there are specialized professional landscapers/garden designers that work solely on designing the landscape of a property to give a nature touch. So, Landscaper X is carefully designed for all those local landscaping businesses to have their online presence. Along with, big landscaping businesses as well, to offer all necessary information to customers. 

The template is speed optimized, perfectly responsive, has an optimized blog section, is CMS-powered, and more. It is clean, minimal with subtle animations, that also bring the essence of a landscape/garden on the website with its color theme and design. 

Major Features of Landscaper X:

  • Unique & Premium Design
  • Speed Optimized
  • 100% Customizable
  • Seamless Animations
  • Perfect Responsive 
  • Webflow CMS & E-commerce
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Interactions
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13. Commodus

Webflow Business Templates

Commodus is a Business Template Webflow that is carefully crafted with creative yet minimalistic design. It is the best choice for having a modern and functional website to start selling your products and services. The template comes with features like CMS blog posts and categories templates, e-commerce template, responsive design, and so much more! With Commodus, you can create slick, modern, fast e-commerce, blog, portfolio, or any type of business website without coding. 

Major Features of Commodus:

  • Blog
  • Blog Posts Template (CMS)
  • Categories Template (CMS)
  • About Us
  • Pricing Page
  • Contact Page
  • 100% Customizable
  • 100% Responsive
  • Google Fonts
  • Video Background
  • CMS Template
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14. Nest 


Nest is a multi-purpose Webflow Business Template for construction and service. The template has a clean layout with obsessive attention to detail. Its modern and leading design met with customizable sections and page layouts allows you to create something custom and performable. Nest focuses on the useability for the creator, with class naming and builds it is infinitely scalable and easy to jump right in. The style of this template is workable for a variety of businesses that are looking to excel in the online platform. You can find all the main features and more with this business template.

Major Features of Nest:

  • Beautiful Interactions
  • Powerful CMS for projects & services
  • Easily edited and customized
  • Retina ready
  • 100% responsive
  • SEO optimized (H1s, Structure, Naming, Speed)
  • Great performance
  • Intuitive & easy-to-use class naming
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15. Uplift

Webflow Business Templates

Uplift is a Webflow Business Template for startups. It is cheerful, no-nonsense, designed to highlight the best of your services and products business template. Uplift as the name means, really helps you to lift your new business website with its detailed layout and friendly interface. The template is dynamic, smooth and a pleasure to browse on any device. Further, it comes with loads of customizable sections, multiple pages, webflow CMS, webflow editor, and more. No code, no hassle. It can be your quick route to web success! Uplift helps you to let your voice and work stand out with so many features. The pastel color theme is just a cherry on top of the cake. 

Major Features of Uplift:

  • Interactive and beautiful design
  • Customizable content sections
  • Style Guide & Instructions
  • Webflow CMS
  • Custom Contact Form
  • 3 Home page options
  • 3 About us page options
  • 3 Blog page options
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16. Reiss Wallace


You don’t always need an extensive library of pages, components, and modules to create a portfolio site. If it’s your excellent work, then let the work speak for itself. All you need to create a good portfolio website is, to focus on simplicity and detailing. With this thought, Reiss Wallace Webflow Business template is made. It is a combination of straightforward site architecture with a minimalistic interface, to create an experience like a work of art. 

Whether you would like to go small and quiet or big & bold, the template’s asymmetrical grid creates compositional intrigue. Furthermore, the grid changes every 24hrs to keep the website fresh. You want a full screen with a big image or want the portrait mode style, Reiss Wallace has covered you with its variable covers. It is perfect for all architects/interior designers who want to show clients all about their business and work projects.

Major Features of Reiss Wallace:

  • Page Formatting
  • Asymmetry Design Layout
  • Variable Covers
  • Journal Page
  • CMS
  • Responsive Layout 
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Wrapping Up

So here we end our 10+ Best Webflow Business Templates collection. All of these templates are perfectly responsive and 100% customizable. Now, what you got to do is select the best template for your business, customize it your way and within a few hours or so make it live for the world to see. You can also see other webflow business templates if you want more options for different business sectors. 

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